We want to partner with parents, grandparents, teachers, and traditional authorities in Mpumuza to bring hope to this community. We believe in asset-based community development: focusing on the strengths and skills present in Mpumuza, and assisting people in building on that. We strive to build capacity, to "help without hurting", and to be open and honest with all our stakeholders. We also believe in linking communities and helping be a bridge for others to partner with people in Mpumuza in sustainable, empowering ways.


Education facilities in Mpumuza still suffer from the after-effects of apartheid. Our strategy is to partner with creche teachers and parents to transform the education system so that young people can grow up with opportunities. Research shows the first 1000 days of a child's life are the most critical for brain development, so we're focusing on Early Childhood Development (ECD), along with sustainable nutrition, and Life Skills classes. Our strategy is to mobilize the entire community around ECD, using every stream of influence. This involves helping parents and teachers not only gain ECD skills, but also value and prioritize ECD. Our goal is to reach 60-70% of the community with quality education, to help shift the educational culture. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EDUCATION PROGRAMMES HERE.


If Mpumuza is going to break free from the cyclical nature of poverty, its children need to be maturing into people with sound character. Research shows at-risk youth with access to a positive adult role model were more likely to avoid risky behaviors and break out of poverty. Unfortunately, due to HIV/AIDS, poverty, and the broken family structures left by apartheid, the majority of children in Sweetwaters are not growing up with social, emotional, and spiritual support from positive adult role models. We're partnering with parents, caregivers and teachers to help provide this "fatherless generation" with role models who can not only teach them about how to live life right, but show them through their lives. We want to walk alongside children and teens in this community, showing them the love we've received from Jesus. Our goal is to reach 60-70% of the community with mentors. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR MENTORING PROGRAMMES HERE.


The reason we're so tightly focused on reaching 60-70% of the children and teens in this community with our education and mentoring programmes is that we believe if we can step in and change a generation, they will grow up to be the teachers, leaders, and mentors that this community needs.